The Path to a Stronger Immune System


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About this course 

The second wave of the pandemic is here—and with the virus mutating, the need for individuals (both in and out of the healthcare industry) to administer self-care has become paramount. Immunity is your body’s first line of defence against COVID-19—and there are things you can do to boost it.

This course will provide a holistic view of immunity, teaching you practices for boosting it with the help of diet, nutrition, and mindset.

☑ Mind-Gut connection

Get a roadmap to stomach health and learn about the importance of aids like probiotics when it comes to overall immunity.

☑ Developing a Lifestyle to Align to your Values

Discover the importance of your overall lifestyle and assess if you’re doing things that lower your immune state.

☑ Developing a Growth Mindset

Unlock the power of your mind with a positive attitude, promoting healthy habits and overall wellness.

☑ The Goodness of Prebiotics

Learn how bacteria and other microorganisms can boost your immunity—and how you can regulate the dosage.

☑ Good Fats

Get the dietary essentials you need to have a balanced platter every day, without compromising on taste. You will also learn about how good fats give your body the ability to better fight diseases.
Low Impact Exercise

Explore the exercises that are ideal for any lifestyle and can bring your immunity levels up without straining your body or causing injury.

☑  Hydration

Discover the importance of hydration, learn how a well-hydrated body is better at fighting diseases.

☑  Inflammation

Get the inside scoop on how fighting internal inflammation lowers immunity and learn how to control conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ensuring better immunity.

☑  Gluten and Coeliac Disease

Explore how these diseases work and learn what you can do to lift up your overall immunity if you have them.

☑  Powerful Herbs and Spices

Get to know about the herbs and spices that, if taken in a regulated amount, can skyrocket your body’s ability to fight diseases.

☑  Sustainable Habits for Life-Long Immune Health

Get in the right mindset to cultivate the dietary, mindset, physical, and psychological habits that can lead you to a better lifestyle. 

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