The Healing Power Of Nutrition

“If you’re ready to overcome self-doubt, confusion, get unstuck from the things holding you back and propel yourself on your journey of becoming the person you were BORN TO BE, I can and know how to help you to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE”

Many online health, wellness and fitness accounts have been accused of misleading and deceptive marketing practices. Unfortunately, a recent study found that 90% of the advice provided by social media influencers is false.

It is very easy to find YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram posts, or Reddit threads about how to eat healthily by randomly throwing veggies and fruits on your plate, drinking fruits and veggies juices and workout online (without considering injuries, current conditions, restrictions, lesions, etc). Or worse yet encouraging unsustainable crazy fad diets, popping heaps of supplements and excluding key food groups. With a new year upon us, plenty of people are going to rely on the FREE advice of online nutrition and wellness influencers to help them in their quest to be healthy. Health and fitness are often associated with being of a slimmer size. By just doing a quick search for health advice online, you find plenty of fitness YouTube channels or Instagram accounts claiming to know it all with their lack of inclusiveness for all body sizes. How many times are we believing what we are told?

Social media influencers are also sending a potentially toxic message with far-reaching consequences to those most vulnerable to eating disorders (such as orthorexia and leading to anorexia and bulimia).

For those of you who may not be aware, Orthorexia is an obsession with proper or ‘healthful’ eating. This term has recently begun to include working out too. Although not formally recognized in the DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual), it is a disorder that can make someone become obsessed with the idea of healthy eating and exercise. Social media influencers are able to exploit those most vulnerable to this condition.

As an international speaker, best selling author, and authentic professional with over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers published and with over 4 million dollars received in research support, I am here to tell you otherwise. 

Suffering is OPTIONAL

Suffering. Is. A CHOICE.

No one wakes up choosing to feel pain, right?

So, how does that work?

Here is one thing that is for sure: We will ALL feel pain. Sometimes that is physical pain, and sometimes that is emotional pain.

In both cases, pain is a NORMAL alarm system that in fact is very beneficial to signal to us that something is wrong. Without this alarm system, our tendency is to keep doing things the same way as we always have. But what if that way isn’t working anymore? Our body is great at healing itself. It is ALSO very good at compensating. So, would it be safe to assume that pain might be a signal of repetitive patterning that is now causing us harm?

Our brains REMEMBER trauma ,and while they tempt to go back into certain positions that had previously been identified as “safe”, fortunately, there is something we can do.

Improve your self-awareness.

Just ask yourselves: “What might I be missing?”

Maybe stress is not being addressed?

A chronic condition is being neglected?

Mindful eating? Mindful movement?

Am I being in touch, real and authentically with my body?

What else could I be in denial about? In resistance or avoidance? Minimizing?

I have learned that the #1 investment has been in my own personal health and wellbeing. Unless we seek out and continue to constantly learn, and adjust as needed, we are essentially CHOOSING to suffer!

This body will change and adapt along the journey of life,

This body will be strong, powerful, and mobile, as long as we take good care of it, regardless of external perceptions, expectations and judgements of others.

We get to choose to cherish our bodies that we are blessed to live in. 

I am here to tell YOU that healthy habits Matter.

I am here to tell YOU that by creating healthy habits and a healthy eating environment for yourself and those you care for in the office and/ or at home, you commit to long-lasting changes that will get your health and wellbeing to the next level.

I am here to tell you that I can help you make your health a priority this year, by actively guiding you in taking small and consistent steps on a daily basis.

I am here to tell you that if you are feeling motivated to prioritise your health this year but need help making a sustainable plan, I am happy to customize comprehensive programs for YOU, using the healing power of nutrition. I provide motivation, support, accountability and the path to building life-long healthy habits. 

MY PURPOSE is to use my heart and my vision to empathize and heal because living life is something bigger than yourself – it’s your health and wellbeing journey!

I am fully committed to empower women globally to Be Healthy and Stay Healthy using the healing power of nutrition. 

If you’re ready to overcome self-doubt, confusion, get unstuck from the things holding you back and propel on your journey of becoming the person you were BORN TO BE, I can and know how to help you to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE – the best version of yourself.

Get ready to embark on a journey towards a HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER YOU!

It’s time to take the next step on your journey to overcoming self-doubt, letting go of past mistakes and confidently pursuing your goals and dreams.

Not tomorrow…

Not next week…

Not when you have time…

Today. Right now. Let’s do this TOGETHER

I believe in MY WHY and I am honoring it with every breath I take!

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