Oncology Nutrition


Cancer….. That diagnosis nobody wants to hear….and that oftentimes is perceived as a death sentence.  I am here to tell YOU otherwise… but you need Oncology Nutrition.

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence” – John Diamond

Cancer is a word, it is a transformational journey, and fortunately, there are strategic steps one can take to prevent or reduce their cancer risk, as well as effective health and wellness practices to support you in becoming vibrant, energetic and fulfilled.

As an internationally recognised expert in oncology nutrition and wellness for people with cancer, I am here to tell you that I can and I know how to help you to become emotionally confident and assist you effectively in your healing process.

Maintaining a healthy body weight with good nutrition that nourishes you and physical activity, matched to each individual’s age, medical history, treatment, preferences, and capabilities, is key to managing cancer risk, as well as preventing or reversing it. In addition, healthy stress management with mindfulness-based practices can help improve wellbeing, health, quality of life and longevity.

Healing begins with hope. YOU are safe! YOU Matter! Believe It!

The First Step… Book an Oncology Nutrition Consultation with either the Linc Nutrition Team or with Dr Liz.

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