Nutrition for Mental Health and Burnout

We’ve all been having a lot on our plate since last year. And while storms swirl, and the holidays loom, our lives also go through ‘seasonal changes.’ 

If your job has you sitting at a desk all day or working from home on the couch, chances are a regular routine and schedule which includes enough sleep and healthy boundaries when it comes to working from home – have totally been neglected. For many this can create feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, depression or being overwhelmed.The implications of various mental health conditions are reflected throughout our body and can negatively impact our physical health.

Did you know that chronic mental or emotional stress that causes inflammation of the digestive tract can prevent calcium absorption? Or that chronic stress increases abdominal fat?

Now more than ever we must take care of our mental health and overall wellness.

With mental health issues on the rise due to COVID-19, I am here to FULLY support you. 

There are effective health and wellbeing strategies that can be implemented for mental disorders and ways to alleviate the suffering caused by them, while social support is key.

My goal is to give you easy access to nutrition, hydration, and fitness hacks that nourish your body while helping you to become vibrant, healthy and happy.

Please know that you are not alone!

As an international best-selling author, advanced accredited Practising  Nutritionist and Dietitian, I am here to provide authentic nutrition and diet coaching programs, inspiration, motivation, support and accountability to make healthy habits part of your daily practice.

Your health is your wealth. Start your journey towards Greatness in Health with LINC Nutrition!

We know that together we rise!

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Theresa taught us that.  

Those who are happiest, are those who do the most for others.

Booker T Washington spoke those words.

These are ideals that we, at LINC Nutrition, live and breathe.

Our mission, day in and day out, is to serve and give our patients the best care that we can possibly give.

This is not our job, it’s our identity, our meaning, it’s our gift.

It’s unwavering, constant, steadfast.

Giving care is what we do. It’s not seasonal or conditional, it doesn’t vary from person to person.

Transform your life from Surviving to Thriving – by accessing my innovative, comprehensive and supportive coaching program that I have specifically designed for those who are stressed, feel depressed, experience anxiety and/or burnout (it includes not just a comprehensive nutrition plan to nourish your body but also effective tips on growth mindset, stress management, and how to become more mindful and grounded, intentional rather than reactive).

If you or a loved one has been impacted, please book an appointment with me today and I am happy to support.

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