Mental health & Burnout

Nutrition for Mental Health and Burnout Consultations


Nutrition is an important part of avoiding Mental Health issues & Burnout.

If your job has you sitting at a desk all day or working from home on the couch, chances are your regular routine and schedule have totally been neglected.  That includes not getting enough sleep and setting healthy boundaries when it comes to possibly working from home. 

The past year may have left you feeling uncertain about the future, anxious, depressed, or feeling overwhelmed.

The implications of various mental health conditions are reflected throughout your body and can negatively impact your physical health.

Did you know that chronic mental or emotional stress that causes inflammation of the digestive tract can prevent calcium absorption? Or that chronic stress increases abdominal fat?

Now more than ever you must take care of your mental health and overall wellness.

Your health is your wealth.

Start your journey towards Greatness in Health

with a Mental Health and Burnout Nutrition Consultation today!

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