The Path to a Stronger Immune System


$97 AUD

About this course 

The second wave of the pandemic is here—and with the virus mutating, the need for individuals (both in and out of the healthcare industry) to administer self-care has become paramount. Immunity is your body’s first line of defence against COVID-19—and there are things you can do to boost it. Having Coeliac’s disease and being able to boost your immune system is critical.

This course will provide a holistic view of immunity, teaching you practices for boosting it with the help of diet, nutrition, and mindset.

☑ Mind-Gut connection

Get a roadmap to stomach health and learn about the importance of aids like probiotics when it comes to overall immunity.

☑  Hydration

Discover the importance of hydration, learn how a well-hydrated body is better at fighting diseases.

☑  Gluten and Coeliac Disease

Explore how these diseases work and learn what you can do to lift up your overall immunity if you have them.

What can you do to raise your immunity levels and prepare your body well for worst-case scenarios—after all, prevention is better than cure!

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