Immune System Coaching Program

Concerned About Staying Healthy Right Now?

Don’t Worry, We Have Exactly What You Have Been Looking For!

Have Peace of Mind that You Are Doing All You Can to BE HEALTHY!

Do You…


Feel overwhelmed and even a little scared of getting COVID-19?


Know that you need to be more conscious of healthier habits but not quite sure who to listen to or what to do?


Lack energy, vitality, performance, mental acuity, physical stamina or do you have trouble losing weight and/or have tummy problems?

‘WORRY NO MORE’ because Dr Liz is to the rescue…

I am sure you have heard (and possibly many times) that ‘we are what we eat’ and then ‘what we absorb’ and that your immune system will help keep you healthy!

But are you a little confused about what that actually means for you?



Do you know what the immune system really is and why it is significant in keeping you healthy?


Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your GUT?


Do you actually know what your GUT is and WHY it is SO important?

Well, Dr Liz is excited to share the program that is going to give you everything you need so that you know EXACTLY what you need to do to help BE HEALTHY!


‘The Path to a Stronger Immune System’ by Dr. Liz, an Online and Virtual Coaching Program for ONLY $137.00!

This exceptional EVIDENCE-based program will give you the following:


It will answer all your questions and remove all overwhelm and confusion


It will help you develop a healthier mindset towards yourself and food and you will have access to the best in the world in nutrition and brain training


It will arm you with the right shopping list for healthier options


It will show you how to develop healthy balanced meals for you and your family


It will motivate you to move more and you will even have access to Dr Liz’s Personal, Personal Trainer


It will help you understand the true power that food has in healing your body and in keeping you healthy


It will keep you accountable and you will be part of a like-minded community that will keep you on track and make the journey fun


It will give you PEACE OF MIND that you are doing the best you can to STAY HEALTHY in this crazy COVID-19 crisis


You will have Dr Liz there LIVE right on your computer answering all your PERSONAL concerns… WOW!

Here Is What You Get…

Live Monthly Zoom Q & A with Dr Liz PERSONALLY

Have all your questions answered, discuss the latest research and tips with exclusive Live access to Dr Liz. (If you are unsure how to use ZOOM, then ask your question in the FB group and Dr Liz, or someone in the group, will be happy to help).

VALUE $397.00

Expert Weekly Webinars

By Dr Liz and invited expert guests covering the latest tips for improving your mindset, menu and movement to strengthen your immune system.

Value $1,800.00

‘The Path to a Stronger Immune System’ WORKBOOK, videos, recipes & meal plan.

Work at your own pace and keep track of what you need to do to and your successes. The workbook includes activities, links to useful videos, yummy and easy recipes and tasty meal plans.

Make note of all your Q & A’s and keep it as your own personal reference forever.

VALUE $297.00

Exclusive VIP Facebook Group

Receive LIFETIME ACCESS to an exclusive online community of like minded people to be kept accountable, be inspired, share tips and recipes, share wins and challenges and to celebrate your successes!

VALUE $397.00


AND, you will have 24/7 email support and the opportunity to work 1-1 with Dr Liz.


AND, you also get ‘The Path to a Stronger Immune System’ e-book and ‘The Gut Map’ (these are free downloads and important to have if you do not have them already)

Get Your ‘The Path to a Stronger Immune System’
Online and Virtual Coaching Program TODAY

TOTAL VALUE $2,891.00

TODAY (and while we are in the midst of COVID-19)

WOW… Only $137.00

Total Savings To You $2,754.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a strong immune system?

Right now in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic you need to stay healthy. I know how to get you healthy and how to keep you healthy. Improving your gut health and strengthening your immune system is a proactive approach to improving your health. We know that about 70% of your immune tissue is in your gut therefore improving your gut health can help strengthen your immune system so that it can work properly to help protect you from infection and disease.

How can a coaching program help me right now?

We are living through a crisis and we are all asking “what now”, “what next”, “what if”. These questions are in relation to health and making money. I can help in the area of HEALTH. I have experienced the positive impact that coaching can give you. Myself, and my associates will keep you inspired, motivated, accountable and supported through one of the most challenging times in our history.

Will this stop me from getting COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a contagious virus and so the best way of minimizing transmission risk is to practice social distancing and good hygiene practices like frequent hand washing. International reports show that most of those who get infected have a compromised immune system, underlying disease and/or are elderly. Strengthening your immune system is one way of decreasing the chance of getting sick. Even if you are COVID-19 free we are all impacted by it. The social distancing and other public health measures are increasing stress for many and impacting our ability to eat and exercise as normal. This coaching program supports us to undertake health-promoting practices during this unprecedented time.

What if I have a medical condition?

This coaching program is suitable for most people with a chronic condition. To be sure please discuss with both your doctor and Dr Liz. In most cases the program can be modified to meet your specific requirements or your can discuss the option of receiving expert tailored personal coaching by Dr Liz.

What does EVIDENCE-BASED mean?

This coaching program is evidence-based which means that scientific studies and research have been used to guide the strategies and recommendations included in this program. The advantage of evidence-based practice is that it uses the best available latest research for the best health outcomes in a cost effective manner.

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