Research shows that people are going through a range of emotions due to pandemic stress. As a result, many of their coping mechanisms are unfortunately unhealthy. These include binge eating, alcohol and drug abuse, amongst others.

If all the stress is weighing you down mentally, I’ll help you.

Now, we’ve already covered some ways, for instance:

  • Eating a healthy balanced diet
  • Exercising
  • Washing hands
  • Wearing masks 
  • Social distancing

Here are more ways to help you stay sane.

Ways to reduce emotional stress from Covid19

Here are some healthy approaches to cope

Staying connected with loved ones

So, you can’t hang out with your friends and family due to the virus, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with them using other ways.

Luckily, technology is on your side this time.

You still have your laptop, smartphone, tablet, computer, name it, right?

Now is the time to make use of them to connect with your loved ones.

There are so many apps that you can use to face time,  call, chat, or message to keep in touch. Examples include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Zoom, Clubouse,Telegram etc.

Talk to your children.

Your kids have noticed that you’re now suddenly working from home or wearing masks wherever you go out. They’re also wondering why they can’t go out to eat in restaurants like you used to, have fun at the amusement park, or even visit their friends.

Besides, children can pick up that their parents are stressed, which in turn confuses and worries them.

As a result, they become more irritable and clingy, and that also transfers to you, and you might not be able to work at all.

So, sit your kids down, and have an age-appropriate conversation with them about the virus. Reassure them that everything will be alright as long as we all take the initiative to keep the deadly disease from spreading.

Keep them occupied with games, drawing books, etc. After a while, they’ll adapt to this new way of life.

Limit the time you watch the news

When the pandemic first hit, we all naturally obsessively watched the news to acquaint ourselves with information on what was going through.

However, research shows that watching or listening to negative news continuously can mess with our mental wellbeing.

So, for starters, start filtering the news you watch because there’s too much information flying around (and some of it misinformation). Most of it will mislead you into doing things that might put you in harm’s way. There have been cases of fake news telling you not to wear masks or to self medicate.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC are credible sources of Coronavirus news. 

In addition, watch the news in limitation. For instance, you can choose to watch the primetime news that covers the most critical updates. That will keep you in the know about what’s going on and not overwhelm you at the same time.

Don’t click on social media links regarding Covid 19 news.

According to the Harvard Gazette, social media has fueled the spread of fake news about Corona. Anyone can post or share anything they like, and the unsuspecting public might take it as the gospel truth.

So, only use social media to connect with your friends and family. Do not click on any links related to coronavirus because you never know where it’s coming from.

Also, mute keywords that you find stressful. This is also a great time to mute negative people that appear to want to dwell on Covid 19 every second of the day.

Their posts don’t come up on your feeds. 

Do things you love doing.

This is the perfect time to get into activities like pottery, drawing, cooking healthy meals, name it. The point is to do what you love doing to distract you from the negative news everywhere.

You can also occupy your time by binge-watching your favourite shows which you rarely had time to watch before the pandemic.

That way, you’ll feed your soul with something positive and keep your mind from worrying.

Be kind to yourself

Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself that this is a normal reaction, given the circumstances. Go easy on yourself and relax, knowing that you’re not alone. 


CoronaVirus is here with us. However, we have to look for ways to distract our minds; otherwise, focusing too much on the effects can drain us emotionally.

Some ways to distract ourselves from what is happening around us would be limiting news consumption, talking to our kids about what’s going on, being kind to ourselves, doing what we love, and not clicking on social media links regarding Covid19. 

Acknowledgement: Eve Carrie Writer

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