Dr Liz from LINC Nutrition is passionate about improving lives via evidence-based nutrition and wellness consulting. Dr Liz has over 20 year’s experience, is recognised as an international nutrition and wellness expert and published over 160 scientific papers and books. Her work is used by over 40 counties and helped hundreds of thousands of people. Using the 3 pillars of MINDSET, MENU and MOVEMENT, Dr Liz supports people to become vibrant, calm and totally fulfilled.


Dr Elizabeth Isenring is passionate about improving lives via evidence-based nutrition and wellness consulting and runs a coaching business, LINC Nutrition. Liz helps professionals and people with health concerns or stress and burnout suffering from fatigue and symptoms gain hope, vitality and improved quality of life through evidence-based nutrition and wellness coaching. This includes:
✔ One on one coaching

✔  Consulting with teams

✔ Programs in house



At Linc Nutrition, we believe that whole foods should form the foundation for what you put in your body. That’s why our ingredients are mindfully sourced and consciously created so you get the maximum benefit, every time.

In addition to quality nutrition, quality sleep, regular exercise and an active way to address daily stress, they can support our body’s own ability to heal itself and thrive.

You can even have my slim gym meals delivered straight to your door, be that at home or at work. 


Create a healthy lifestyle of balance in a fit body you love with tools and resources that will transform you from the inside out.

Our online courses include:

✔ The Path to a Stronger Immune System $97 AUD

✔  Living with Coeliac’s Disease and Improving Your Immune System $22 AUD

✔ What are the good fats that can improve your Immune System? $22 AUD

✔ What herbs and spices should you put in your diet to improve your immune system? $22 AUD

✔ Probiotics and Prebiotics that Impact Your Immune System $22 AUD

✔ How Low Impact Exercise can Improve Your Immune System $22 AUD



Did you know that chronic mental or emotional stress that causes inflammation of the digestive tract can prevent calcium absorption AND that chronic stress increases abdominal fat?

Learn a step-by-step way of tackling feelings of stress, anxiety, and low mood with our clinically-proven online courses.

Our online courses include:

✔ Mental Health Awareness $129AUD

✔ Bounce Up-A Sport Approach to Resilience $22 AUD

✔ Learn How to Manage Stress $165 AUD

✔ Learn How to Focus and Manage Your Mind $99 AUD

✔ Keeping Individuals Safe from Suicide (KISS) $60 AUD 


Liz’s Vision for You

As an authentic professional, with scientific work cited over 5,000 times (which makes Dr Liz in the top 1% in her profession as a dietitian).

Her mission is clear: to help YOU create a legacy that inspires you to dream more, be more, do more and BECOME MORE.

Dr Liz is passionate about improving lives via evidence-based nutrition and wellness consulting. Dr Liz is a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, author and speaker.

Dr Liz started her career as a hospital dietitian supporting people with cancer to improve their quality of life via medical nutrition therapy. Realising the gap in evidence she then undertook a PhD to investigate the impact of personalised nutrition to help people with gastrointestinal and head and neck cancer get through their radiotherapy treatment with less side effects.

Over the next 20 years Dr Liz worked in university, hospital and research fellow positions including at the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. Most recently Dr Liz was Head of Program for the newly established Master of Nutrition and Dietetics Practice program at Bond University where she led a high performance team to gain full accreditation. Recognised as an international nutrition and wellness expert, Dr Liz has published over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers and books, received AUD 4, 000, 000 in research support and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker. Her work is used by over 40 counties and helped hundreds of thousands of people to improve their nutrition and health.

Dr Liz was inspired to start LINC Nutrition during a time when two friends were diagnosed with cancer. Seeing the medical and health system through their lens inspired Dr Liz to be the “LINC” between hospital and at home care. LINC stands for Liz Isenring Nutrition Consulting. Re-evaluating her life, Dr Liz also realised she had not been prioritising her own health and self care.

Rediscovering the power of nutrition, Dr Liz improved her energy and fitness and was motivated to help other busy leaders get healthy and stay healthy. Dr Liz provides a “LINC” from where people currently are in their health journey to their vision of optimal health. Using the 3 pillars of MINDSETMENU and MOVEMENT, Dr Liz supports people to become vibrant, resilient and totally fulfilled.

Dr Liz’s services are covered by most Australian Private Health Insurance

What My Clients Say

“Hi Liz, thank you again for you support over the years! I feel incredibly privileged to have you as my mentor and career coach. I appreciate tha you supported me develop my own communication and management skills, to tread my own path, which naturally built leadership qualities and and adaptive skill set what i couldn’t have achieved otherwise.

I am finding that I now use many of these coaching methods when mentoring and coaching my own students and staff, which has led to many successful outcomes and increased their competitiveness in the workplace, just as your career coacing did for me.”


“I loved your GUT Health Programme Lizz. It was appropriately paced and not at all overwhelming and could easily be slotted into a busy schedule. The content was good and you have a lovely and respectful way of conveying information that is positive and uplifting as well as motivating. I was happy to pay the bargain price offered for this inaugural course, but with your time and effort and generosity in answering questions, I can see it is worth the full value of the proper price. You deserve every bit of growth and success that comes your way from your new online dietetic business approach. I wish you well.”

-Marion Leggo APD, AN. BSc., Grad Dip Health Ed., Bach Nutr & Diet – Accredited Practicing Dietitian Nutritionist – 1987 – Present

“It was a pleasure to hear Professor Liz Isenring speak at the Maggie Beer event at Bond University. Her presentation style easily captivates the audience and Liz is a master of engaging her audience. A polished, dynamic speaking who would be a highlight at any event.”

-Bernadette Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Flavour Creations, Winner Telstra Business Awards 2017

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