1) Follow the 80:20 rule

Hopefully you’ve been consistent in looking after your wellbeing and so can enjoy the “20%” around Xmas (if not look out for SYNERGY- a mind, body and life transformation coming out in the new year!) 

2) Plan which is going to be your MAIN Xmas meal & enjoy it!

For example, is it Christmas eve, Christmas day – breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner (not ALL!) 

3) Focus on eating plenty of non-starchy veggies & fruits

Lower carbohydrate options are great for filling up on, pack a powerful nutrition punch without many calories. Examples include shredded vegies, leafy greens, celery, salad, capsicum, cucumber and carrot sticks. Frozen or fresh berries are great options, for instance. Add protein e.g. ham, turkey, eggs, nuts, legumes to help keep you full.  

4) During your MAIN Xmas meal – really enjoy & savour

Take small servings of what you REALLY want not just a bit of everything because you’re afraid of missing out. Likewise, don’t feel you only have to stick to really healthy options if you then feel like you missed out or become resentful and finish off the rest of the Xmas pudding, cake and pavlova the next day! 

5) Alternate your alcoholic drinks

Include non-alcoholic options like sparkling water with fresh mint and berries (or fruit juice cubes), diet ginger beer & lemonade spritzer or berry or banana smoothie (using frozen fruit- yummm!). Kombucha and herbal teas can make a great change. Aim for 2 or less standard alcohol-containing drinks rather than the typical 4 or more. Your head and body will thank you for it! 

6) Include ENJOYABLE Movement – every day

Enjoyable movement is any activity that you enjoy. It might be playing with the kids, the dog, your relative’s kids – anyone you can find! If you live in the tropics go for early morning and sunset walks (enjoy the middle of the day if you live in cooler climes!). Swim (or ski!!) throughout the day and maybe fit in a game of backyard cricket or bowls.  

7) Finally, really be PRESENT

So in summary, don’t think about work, the washing up, what you are doing for New Years or what you are buying in the sales. Really ENJOY this time with your family and loved ones. It’s about connection, updating and creating memories. Enjoy Xmas without going too crazy and look out for the 2021 Synergy program in collaboration with Master Trainer Rance Hayes – this will give your mind, body and life the best kickstart in 2021!